21st Century Meadows Conference

21st century meadows final flyer

The Tees Valley Wild Green Places Project organised a conference in the Tees Valley addressing the practicalities of creating and managing flower meadows for people and wildlife.

Sixty eight representatives of Tees Valley Friends of green spaces groups, local authorities and wildlife organisations gathered together at Preston Hall Museum on 12 April 2016 for our 21st Century Meadows Conference.


Key note Speaker, Professor Nigel Dunnett of Sheffield University gave an inspiring presentation on the thinking behind the Pictorial Meadows concept, giving example of his work as a consultant at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and projects around Sheffield. Information on Nigel Dunnett’s work can be found at www.nigeldunnett.com/

This was followed by three case studies. Len Young and Gary Jones described their successful roadside verge project using Pictorial Meadows Seeds in Hartlepool. This was followed by Dr Vivien Kent from Durham Wildlife Trust who described their Darlington Meadows project that is using seeds of native species. Clare Rawcliffe described the trials and tribulations of South Tyneside’s ambitious meadows, roundabouts and verges project

After lunch Martin Allen described the characteristics of our rare ancient meadows in the Tees pastures and their and fragmented distribution. Dr Mark Goddard’s presentation focused on the results of the Urban Pollinators Project and the value of different urban habitats, including grasslands and meadows for pollinators.

The programme can be downloaded here

Staff from Pictorial Meadows and Green Estates were on hand at their stand with information, seeds and advice and local nursery

Copies of some of the presentations can be downloaded here

The Darlington Meadows Project

South Tyneside Wildflower Project

Hartlepool wild flower verges

Hartlepool wild flower verges

Tees Valley Meadows Martin Allen

In Addition Mark Goddard has kindly prepared an information note on urban pollinators based on the workshop

Monitoring pollinators in meadows – Goddard

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Information sheet on urban pollinators 


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