Butterfly and bumblebee bank sown at Coatham Green

At Coatham Green generations worked together to clear the weeds and sow wild flower seeds to create a source of nectar for butterflies and bumblebees. The seed mix contained 22 wild flower species. The selection of seeds planted will provide a range of colours, heights and prolonged flowering period.

As well as two community planting days with the Coatham Heritage Group, the 8th Redcar Guides spend an evening sowing seeds and another evening making natural jewellery from elder stems with  Project Officer Paul Bamber.

Mags Hayden, a member of the Coatham Heritage Group and Guide Leader was delighted with how everyone got so stuck in.

“It was so lovely to see all generations caring about our site and working hard to improve it. It was great to learn all about the different wildflowers and we’re really excited about more things to come.”

Photographs by Mark Luck and Mags Hayden.

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