Tees Valley 21st Century Meadows Conference

A conference in the Tees Valley addressing the practicalities of creating and managing wild flower meadows for people and wildlife

Wild flower rich urban meadows are captured people’s imaginations. High profile successes such as the wild flower planting Olympics Park and locally the Hartlepool road verges and the Darlington Parks meadows have led to a growing interest amongst local authorities and urban communities.

These meadows can be very attractive for people and provide a boost for pollinating insects but are they a viable long term solution to the management of urban greenspace against a backdrop of diminishing public spending on public open spaces?

This highly practical day will address some of key questions and presentations by experienced people who have successfully carried out meadow creation projects, together with trade stands stalls from major suppliers of seeds and equipment.

Who will be interested?

  • Leaders/volunteers of parks and greenspace groups
  • Local authority parks and green space managers
  • Wildlife conservationists

 The day will cover

  • Different types of planting- annual/perennial, native/non native
  • Approaches to design
  • Methods for improving existing grasslands
  • Long term management – challenges and solutions
  • Seed collecting and sowing
  • Capital and revenue cost examples
  • Managing public expectations
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