About Us

The Tees Valley Wild Green Places Project is a five year project, led by the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and others. Our project partners are the five Tees Valley local authorities, Cleveland College of Art and Design, Askam Bryan College and ERIC (Environmental Records Information Centre- North East).

Our mission

“Increase appreciation and understanding of the natural heritage of public open spaces in the Tees Valley and increase the skills of local people to record and care for this heritage.”

The project has four key objectives:

  • Improve the biodiversity of a variety of publicly accessible green spaces through the production of management plans, practical habitat creation and conservation projects, species recording and monitoring that actively involve local communities in planning and delivery.
  • Increase appreciation and understanding of publicly accessible green infrastructure by engaging local communities through a series of activities to appeal to a wide range of audiences.
  • Increase the skills of local community groups and volunteers in wildlife recording and conservation management through tailored support and training, which will increase the capacity of group members to care for and improve the biodiversity of their local green spaces.
  • Develop the skills base of people seeking employment in natural environment/community development work by providing a range of work based accredited training, student placements and a Trust trainee programme.

The legacy of the project will be the increased biodiversity knowledge, skills and confidence within a strong network of local community groups, needed to deliver long term development and care of wildlife in green places in partnership with local authorities

Our funders

The Tees Valley Wild Green Places Project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Other funders are funding elements of the project. To date these are the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, the Garfield Western  Foundation, Stockton Borough Council and Natural England.

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