Information on managing wildlife sites and species

Tees Valley Wildlife Trust

We can help you with locally tailored  ecological advice, site visits and surveys  through our  Wild Green Places  Project. Use the contact form to contact the  team. surveys.

Flora Locale

Flora locale is a national charity which aims to advance the conservation and enhancement of native wild plant populations and plant communities in relation to creative conservation and ecological restoration. Flora locale’s Restoration Library brings together, for the first time, the UK’s most comprehensive set of resources on ecological restoration.

Managing habitats for Invertebrates

Buglife is a UK based charity devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates. They have produced summaries of habitat management advice for 32 habitats. These very useful guides contain essential information to enable the practical conservation of invertebrate species associated with each habitat.

Managing habitats for bees

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s website has an informative section on their website giving guidance on managing different habitats for bees.

Information on creating wildlife habitats

The Pond Creation Tool Kit

The Pond Creation Toolkit includes a range of factsheets available to freely download. It is produced by the Freshwaters Habitats Trust and represents the most up to date advice based on scientific research and practical projects.

Managing woodlands for wildlife

Woodland Advice is a website that aims to provide a simple to use website where woodland owners, forestry agents and anyone interested in woodland management can easily find useful.

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